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The process of speedy decision in a scenario alterative to court-based trial is the fundamental process of arbitration. In the spirit of encouraging arbitration and mediation as an alternative to dispute resolution in a conciliatory atmosphere, and to facilitate speedy justice to aggrieved litigants, Sankhla and Associates have actively handled matters of arbitration and conciliation including international arbitrations for two decades.

Arbitration, or ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) allows parties to choose their own tribunals and is especially relevant in cases of technical and financial disputes pertaining to large or complex corporations, MNCs, matrimonial mediations, criminal nature of case or among individuals who prefer speedy mediation. ADR in India is in the form of arbitration, mediation or conciliation and is recognised under The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996. The Act of 1996 is considered a striking innovation, which takes into account the changing face of Indian commerce and industry and creates a code of conduct which imbibes arbitral processes and puts economy and speed on top priority, specifically in the case of commercial arbitration.

We at Sankhla and Associates are renowned to be tactful strategists with extensive experience and expertise in commercial arbitration, advising clients on a range of topics that starts with forming an initial agreement with external parties that favours arbitration over other forms of litigation.

We have a successful track- record of arbitration and have successfully represented clients in disputes related to labor commercial and corporate, real estate other civil disputes. We advise our clients on a wide range of arbitration issues, including initiation of litigation proceedings for enforcing arbitration awards, staying of court proceedings for breach of arbitration clauses.

If a dispute arises, you will be glad to have us on your side sometimes, submitting to arbitration is preferable to submitting to the local courts of the parties

– Formulating Strategy for arbitration process

– Documentation Strategy for arbitration process

– Assistance in Mediation and settlement process between parties

We are Members of Indian Council for Arbitration and have handled Arbitration Disputes for Delhi Development Authority and International Arbitrations for the Government of India, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.