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The effects of modern technology and new digital communication channels make the consumer aware of his rights, and unafraid to defend them when a product/seller has behaved in an unfair manner. The exercise of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 has become increased with the rise of the information age, and serves as a Consumer resource and grievance redressal system.

In accordance with the spirit of the consumer protection act, the firm actively deals and handles numerous matters pertaining to this Act and overall consumer protection, representing various individuals to redress their grievance by approaching the right forums. The lawyers at our firm are well versed with the aspects of consumer law and the nuances therein, and the firm is conscious to the fundamental that the consumer must not only be aware of his right but should be able to safeguard them and fight for them, if and when required.

Keeping this spirit of the Act alive, the firm also provides free legal aid to deserving persons who may not necessarily be able to afford the same, through various charitable organisations.