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Not all internship programs are created equal and not all internships are equal. We at Sankhla & Associates are proud to be recognised as having one of the best internship programs in India.
As one of the leading domestic and international business law firm having offices in India and US, we offer the opportunity to learn from experienced lawyers in many different practice areas.

we believe that lawyers are built, not born, and we take pride in instilling core values and an attitude that helps better law students become better lawyers. We at Sankhla & Associates encourage put of the box thought process, eye on the ball approach and respecting all contributions and helps you to start fulfilling your full potential.
Our internship program offers the opportunity for few fortunate law students experience working alongside some of the most talented and dynamic lawyers and gain exposure to a thriving law practice.
You will be assigned to help handle a variety of client cases and will be taught basics of file reading, understanding different facets of law, effective lawyering based on time tested success formulas.
We believe that a hands-on approach can only give long term benefit to the intern.

Eligibility Criteria for the Internship Program

The following eligibility criteria apply to both the local and foreign law student internship programs. Applicants must:
be well versed in both spoken as well as written English
possess a university degree or be in the final stages of their university studies;
possess college/ university identification or Bar registration adentification in original

Interested applicants must submit a covering letter stating the reasons for applying;
copies of university and other degrees/diplomas, and a list of courses taken; and
a copy of the applicant’s passport in the case of foreign internship and a copy of the applicant’s ID card in the case of local internship.