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legal management services

Our Legal Management services include:

  1. E-discovery and document review
  2. Contract review, vetting, redlining and data abstraction

We have experienced professionals who are the subject matter experts in the field of document review and contract management and are capable of understanding the industry requirements. What’s makes us unique is that we have professionals who are registered lawyers and have industry experience as well as being experienced in Corporate as corporate lawyers, company counsels, drafting experts as well as litigation lawyers and experienced arguing lawyers. Under their able guidance, the team will be able to deliver quality results every time.

  1. E-discovery and document review
  • Examine documents relevant to pending litigation including memos, letters, e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and other e-documents, to determine whether those documents should be produced in discovery.

  • The documents are examined on the tool preferred by the client for the standard first pass, second pass and later by a random quality check

  • The review is based on relevance, responsiveness, privilege and confidentiality as instructed/required by the client. The team may also prepare privilege and/or redaction logs to track such information.

  • The team may also analyze the information to relate key documents to alleged facts or key legal issues in the case, as may be required.
  • After all the documents have been segregated and tagged, they are once again checked for quality purposes

  • All our resources are Licensed attorneys resisted with the Bar council (India/Delhi) with varying levels of experience
  1. Contract management services
  • Analyzing agreements for potential risk issues, abstracting and summarizing the contents as per the client requirements.

  • We provide support beginning from the RFP stage, to drafting, negotiating, closing and compliance of the contract.

  • Fast Track Support

This refers to quick turn -around time support for low complexity quick to market legal management services/ commercial documents like;

NDA review

Order Form approvals

Novation support

  • Admin Support Services for legal team
  • Formatting, proofreading and document conversation support for the legal team
  • Creating and managing custom reports and tracker
  • Creating surveys and calendaring support
  • Updating & maintaining online knowledge repositories

Our rates are subject to discussions and upon understanding the working required on the project. These vary depending whether the project requires a simple abstraction, a more detailed risk analysis or drafting the key terms.