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media and entertainment law firm

When it comes to media and entertainment, the industries and range of services provided in the industry are large and varied. Our lawyers seek to understand your business and thereafter, thrive in crafting innovative legal solutions to suit your business and its critical point.

We work to enable celebrities, production houses and various entertainment & media companies protect and leverage their intellectual property (IP) assets, along with providing legal advice on issues pertaining to corporate law, information technology law and taxation.

Additionally, the services offered include:

  • Advising on film financing
  • Advising on import of foreign films into India
  • Protecting and managing IP/Brands for current and future valuation
  • Working on agreements relating to territorial distribution and overseas rights
  • Advising on issues relating to broadcasting rights, satellite rights, audio visual rights exhibition and distribution
  • Advising on agreements relating to endorsements of products by celebrities, sponsorship of movies and events, and advertising
  • Corporate advisory services to media companies including Transaction Support Services in connection with mergers and acquisitions and other strategic alliances
  • Advising on programming contracts between production houses and channels, production houses and their external teams
  • Advising on implication of use of technology in the media section.
  • Privacy and data protection

We also work closely with celebrities across glamour spheres, production houses, film financiers and distributors to support and add value to their business. With celebrities, we assist in the protection of their IP, creating a legally conducive atmosphere that allows the celebrity to focus on their talent, availing of benefits on a global front, and protection of IP of notable artists, performers pertaining to ‘rights and morals’.

While working on Media & Entertainment we also work with international/ consulting firms to deliver seamless solutions to global challenges, through a single point of contact with the client.