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With our presence across USA and legal associates in England and Canada, Sankhla and Associates has the greatest outreach with the Indian community overseas. The firm’s points of contact are Indians who are famiiar with India’s procedures and processes, and understand what is required and how it has to be done. The comfort of our NRI services allow clients to manage their legal affairs in India without even having to consider booking a flight back home.

Often, the pursuit of their rights leads them to relatives or friends who, while being well-intentioned, may not be the most professional support that can be. The geographical and psychological distance from India, the commitments of a routine in the place of current residence, professional and home-based responsibilities, all place a demand on the ever-shrinking free time available. At times, this leads to a situation where an Indian, overseas, considers whether it is worthwhile to pursue his rights or entitlements in India or should he abandon or give them up entirely.

Ours is an exclusively established legal management division that helps overseas Indians with monitoring, supervising, representing them for both in-court work without the need for being personally present in India.

Our work scope covers broad areas of Financial, Legal Advising and Legal Facilitation, along with Matrimonial Disputes, Family Disputes, Property management and Minor issues like share transfer, banking issues, procuring records. And legally satisfied clients reside across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Germany